5 questions I am asked as a wedding photographer!

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When the big day is over, the cake is eaten, the suits have been returned and the dress is in storage, your wedding photographs will be your gateway to reliving the memories of a wonderful experience that will go by so fast, it may just be a blur afterwards...but how do you choose the right photographer for the job? What do you ask them? I have put together a few questions I would ask me if I was looking to hire me!

"To the bride & groom...!"Cheers!"To the bride & groom...!"

1.  So...what do you do?

Well, the big day for me starts months before, at a meeting with the future bride and groom, to make sure we get on. That's incredibly important. You HAVE to get a good feeling when you meet your photographer. Its a "people-person" job that needs someone who can get the most out of yourselves and your guests, and that sometimes includes cajoling, bullying and bribing them to be at the right place at the right time for the right moment!

If we click, I will usually visit the venue(s) to get a feel for the place and scout out some nice locations for photos on the day...it might be a beautiful stately home in the background, or something simple like an interesting doorway, or other feature. I will try to meet the venue organiser too - I may want access to somewhere awkward or restricted and a friendly face can really help!


The day itself starts with wedding preparation shots of the bride and her VIP ladies - makeup, hair, dressing, plus all the little shots that tell the story of the day - jewellery on display, flowers, dresses hung up ready. If there is time I take a screen and lighting for some portrait shots...


Then off to the venue for shots of the ceremony, post- ceremony confetti etc! At the reception, I will normally grab the newlyweds for some private photos at the locations chosen earlier, then return them to the party where I keep shooting...then cake shots, speeches, group shots, and the first dance. Its a long day, but there's more work to come!

Back at the office, I back up the photos to three, yes three, separate locations and the editing process begins...and ends a few days later! Its normal for me to take 1500 photos, from which I select the best, providing around 250-500 photos to edit! I will normally select 3 or 4 and edit them immediately to allow the couple to put them on display via Facebook or email to distant relatives.


Once done, I copy them to a metal USB key and hand them across - full resolution, unwatermarked and royalty-free - for you to use in whatever way you like! 

2. So...what style should I get?

That is completely up to you...have a look at lots of photographers work and see what you like! Every photographer works differently and uses the magic of Lightroom and Photoshop in their own unique way. I am a big fan of natural, reportage syle photos capturing people being people, having fun on your big day. Take a look at my gallery to see if you like the way I work!

Photographer in action...Dress blingPhotographer in action...

3. Why the hell are photos so expensive? Don't you just press a button over and over?

I could talk about costs of equpiment, of insurance, of the time taken, but the real reason is, of all the costs you spend on your day, the photos are the only part that INCREASE in value over time. It is a luxury item...you could get all your photos for free if you ask your friends to take them or you can spend thousands on a top-flight well known photographer, depending on your budget.


I am new to the wedding world, so at the moment I am priced at the more affordable end of the market to build my portfolio and gain experience. £500 for a day of photography (and days of editing) is excellent value...if you like me and you like my style.

4. I love the photos with the blurry background! How do you do that?

Its called "shallow depth of field" and it comes from using a decent professional lens - for the camera nerds I usually use a Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L lens.

Details tell the story...Earrings and flowerDetails tell the story...


5. Can you photoshop out <insert offending item>?

Sometimes! Depends on the photo and the item to be removed...I have been asked to "decurve" a young lady in every photo which would have taken years, but if I can, I will! Just ask...


It's official...ConfettiIt's official...


We are currently taking bookings for 2018 from £850 for the full day, with no hidden costs...email us for more information!











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