Wedding tips from a photographer's perspective...

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When I meet a client-to-be, these are some of the points I find most useful to cover to make the big day go smoothly and get the best results from a photographer's point of view!

Don't Jump!Don't Jump!Don't Jump!








Make sure you get on with your photographer. I have said it before but it is key to getting good shots. You don’t need to go on a team bonding exercise beforehand, just make sure you get a good feeling about them when you meet. They also need to be confident, knowledgeable and look smart!








Get the album done later. Much later. There is no rush, and a delay between the wedding and revisiting the photos will be a fun reminder of how amazing the day was. Also, your financial situation may have recovered enough to get the album you actually want!








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Have a hair and makeup trial well in advance. It will build your confidence when you see how good you will look on the day. Consider having your photographer take some photos at the trial so you can see the end result.








eyes!EyesPost-makeup eyes!








Tell the photographer what you want… Collect images you like and email them, or use Pinterest. You will have chosen a photographer whose style you like, but anything you send him or her will help to narrow down what you really want.








…and do it long before the wedding. Because you will forget on the day itself!








Wine and mirror...Wine and mirror...Getting the makeup right needs accessories








Hope for the best, plan for the worst. If you know what you are going to do if it rains/car breaks down/schedule runs late then you will be in control and stress-free if a crisis does occur. Your photographer is a person who is with you all day and can help out with a lot of emergencies. He or she  may have a lot of experience of weddings and will have been in the same situation more than once!
















Discuss the timeline of your wedding with your photographer. Before the big day, meet up and run through the plan. If you can do it at the venue, even better.








…and stick to the timeline! Make sure you allow enough time for the couple’s session. Those are the key shots of the day…but you will want to get back to your guests. It may feel strange to disappear off straight after, but your guests won’t mind!
















Help your photographer. Have all your detail items ready in one place whilst you prep in the morning. Then the photographer can get to them easily without bugging you and not miss anything. Rings, jewellery, bouquets, shoes, garter, plus any other meaningful items.








Get dressed and ready somewhere nice. Your prep photos are extremely important to telling the story of the day. If you are getting ready at home, tidy the room and remove anything you don’t think would look good in the background of yourphotos!








…and make sure you have enough room for everyone. Hair, makeup, bridesmaids, photographer, mother…it’s a lot of people! Consider hiring a hotel room, which would also fix the point above.








Don’t forget the groom! The bride is generally the focus of the day, but the groom deserves his moment with his best man and ushers. Consider a second photographer for an hour or two to capture their preparation, buttonholes, and cufflinks, tie tying, etc.








Circle of trustCircle of trustCircle of trust








Plan for the Golden Hour. The best light for photographs is 60-90 minutes before sunset. It isn’t always possible or desirable to arrange your whole day around photos but if you can plan backwards from then, and the weather plays along, you may get another level of photos.








Let yourself go.  When you and your new bride/groom are off with the photographer having your private photos together, try to focus on your partner and the special moment. Your photos will be so much more expressive if you can forget there is someone pointing a huge lens at you! The best photos capture the natural emotions you will be feeling rather than posed, stilted shots where you are coaxed into unnatural positions.           








The future is bright...The future is bright...The future is bright...








Things go wrong. Don’t worry about them! Stress shows in photos, so relax and let your best man, bridesmaids and the rest of the team deal with any problems.








In the momentIn the momentIn the moment








Arrange an engagement shoot to get used to your photographer. When you know your photographer, you will feel a lot more comfortable on the day and you will feel a lot less self-conscious the second time round. Unless you are a model, chances are you won’t have ever had to pose before for a stranger! Practice makes perfect…
















We are currently taking bookings for 2018-2020 - from £850 for the whole day!








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